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Title: Songlines
To: [ profile] joanwilder
Author/Artist: [ profile] silyara
Pairing/Threesome: Harry/Draco, Ron/Hermione (side), Neville/Luna (implied)
Rating: R (overall)
Warnings: EWE, dom/sub
Word count: 19500+ (overall)
Summary: Draco is assigned to help Harry and Hermione find the Grangers in Australia. But along the way, the two are bonded, which changes everything.
Chapter: 6 of 7
Disclaimer: I am simply playing. JKR has the rights.
Request: Slash, post-war fic, romance, sex toys, consensual BDSM, Dom/Sub roles, sex in odd locations, desperate!sex, forced magical bonding, claiming and marking, EWE, united begrudgingly by a purpose
Author’s Notes: First off, thank you to my beta, C. I tried to fit in as much of the request as I could, but the boys didn’t want to do everything. They had their own ideas, and I followed along for the ride. I enjoyed it, and I hope you will too.

“Ron, calm down,” Hermione ordered firmly as Harry and Draco bit their tongues. Draco had only commented on the newest broomstick – he was going to buy it. And Ron had exploded.

“He rubs it in our faces!” Ron yelled, “You don’t have to work with him every day – ”

“He isn’t your partner, Ron, so neither do you,” Hermione pointed out calmly.

“Yes,” Ron shouted, “I know. I can’t forget. Harry would have been my partner if it hadn’t been for that git! And like it’s not enough that he prances around showing off his borderline magic daily, but now he has to make fun of my family’s lack of money too!”

“George has money,” Hermione interjected.

“That he worked for. Unlike that bit of scum,” Ron held nothing back.

“Ron!” Harry shouted, growing defensive of Malfoy, whom he could feel was barely resisting the urge to – probably rightly – bite off Ron’s head.

“Reformed piece of scum, I’m sorry,” Ron glared, “you choose him over me every time.”

“At least Draco listens to Harry,” Hermione sighed, “You don’t even listen to me!”

“Draco has to listen to Harry,” Ron yelled back, “I’m your boyfriend, not your slave!”

“Ron,” Hermione blinked back tears, “Draco is not Harry’s slave, and I’m not asking you to be mine. Just be reasonable!”

“Reasonable? He made fun of me!”

“He did not. He said he was going to buy a broom,” Hermione sighed.

“That I would love to have but never will because I can’t afford it. This Auror thing is more than just a way to dirty my hands and look good. It pays the bills,” Ron continued.

Draco then spoke, and Harry feared the worst, “If you want the broom, I can get you one. I can even wait until your birthday or Christmas so it isn’t charity.”

“It’s still charity! And I don’t want your filthy money, Malfoy!” Ron pushed the bench back and angrily left through the Floo.

“I’m sorry, boys. I’m really sorry when he gets like this,” Hermione stood after him, “you guys are doing much better than we are it seems. I haven’t heard of you fighting for…four months or so now. That’s impressive. And Draco, does your family have any more books that make mention to house elves’ legal status? International would be useful too. I just asked for British ones before…”

“We might have a couple about France,” Draco replied smiling, “I’ll have to frighten another house elf to get them.”

“Draco Malfoy, you know I – ”

“Calm down, Hermione,” Draco laughed, “I just mean that they get scared I’m going to set them free whenever I set them on one of your liberation searches.”

She pouted, “Oh. Well, okay then. So they still refuse payment?”

“’fraid so, Hermione,” Draco replied. He went along with her S.P.E.W. stuff better than Harry or Ron mainly, Harry thought, because he knew that it was impossible.

“Well, I have to go and…calm him down. Thank you, Draco,” Hermione waved and left through the Floo.

Draco looked much less happy after she left.

“Okay,” Harry began, “so that didn’t go so well…”

“He gives me no respect, Harry, no respect!” Draco exclaimed. “It’s not right. It’s not fair. I don’t do anything to him! So I beat him in Auror training. He would do better if he just applied himself. You improved once I made you practice with me.”

“Yeah,” Harry sighed, “I’m sorry. I keep thinking he’ll come around sometime. I know he will; he’s Ron. It takes him a long time, but eventually he’ll see you’re actually a decent person.”

Draco snorted.

“What? You just haven’t known him like we do!”

“Precisely, I know him the way he knows me,” Draco replied, “and he has no reason to change his opinion.”

“Well, I like you,” Harry pointed out.

“You’re ‘saving’ me. That’s all he knows. Once I’m saved, off I’ll be out of his life. He just has to survive the time I’m here,” Draco continued, and Harry could tell he was trying to make a point, “so he has no motive big enough to actually force him to change.”

“Well, I think that’s a bit pessimistic…”

“Does anyone even know about us?” Draco asked.

“You’re with me the entire time,” Harry replied, not quite understanding why Draco would ask such a rhetorical question.

“Exactly,” Draco grabbed an apple out of the centerpiece and tossed it up and down, “No one knows about us. And we’ve been dating almost five months. We have our small spats, but like Hermione said, we’re getting along. It’s a real relationship, not some flimsy little thing.”

Harry was beginning to understand where he was going.

“So I don’t want to be your dirty little secret,” Draco stated, holding up a hand to silence Harry. “I am not saying alert the presses. In no way do I want Rita Skeeter to find out and have our picture on the front cover with dirty headlines. But your friends…my friends. I want them to know. I don’t want to have to hide our relationship whenever we’re around anyone else.”

“I think Hermione suspects,” Harry pondered it.

“She’s a smart witch,” Draco pointed out.

“But I don’t know if…I’m ready. Neville and Luna like you. Hermione and you seem like the dorkiest book nerds I have ever been stuck with in a library. But even besides Ron, George can tolerate you now, but you know he’s thinking of Fred. And Ginny only began really speaking to me a month ago…” Harry trailed off.

“So your ex-girlfriend matters more than your boyfriend?” Draco asked coldly.

“No, but it’s just…she’s going to think I was cheating on her. Or that I dumped her for you, and that’s not true!” Harry insisted.

“She’s not going to be any more agreeable to it in the future than she is now,” Draco argued.

“I just…” Harry waffled. It was such a big step. It was huge. And no thought had been put into the idea at all, for his part.

“Fine,” Draco snapped, “no sex. No punishments.”

“You can’t say that,” Harry pointed out.

“Well, I don’t give my consent. If you choose to rape or assault me, I have to submit. But that’s what it’ll be if you do anything without having told anyone,” Draco replied before biting into his apple.

“Cuddling?” Harry asked, desperate.

“No,” Draco firmly held.

Somehow being the one with power did not feel so powerful. Harry couldn’t just…force Draco to do something. Well he could technically, but he couldn’t do it– not even out of a selfish interest because that’d be the end of their relationship. Damn it. How did Draco always get what he wanted?

Harry lasted eighteen days. At that point he was so unfocused and making so many mistakes during training, that he was told he was clearly pushing himself to exhaustion and needed time off to rest. But Draco couldn’t go if Harry did not, and Harry knew that exhaustion was not causing his problems. It was the lack of…not just sex, but all of it. Punishment was actually rather beautiful, and he had come to love it as much as Draco did. But not even that. He could have done without that if there were something – cuddling, leaning against each other, any small sign of their affection he had grown used to.

He was glowering at dinner, while Draco chuckled merrily and thanked Kreacher for the excellent food. The meal was silent except for the laughter. Harry could not believe it. He had gone for months without anything except the punishment, which he found despicable and archaic at the time. And he couldn’t last three weeks without Draco. Pathetic.

“Fine,” he pushed out as they went into the parlor, where they had been studying every night for exams, which were in a week.

“The vanquisher of Dark Lords undone by pure sex withdrawal!” Draco laughed, but he had no time to because Harry had pushed him against the wall. The blond was warm and finally within his grasp. But the clothes, there were too many clothes. And Harry needed it, needed sex, needed Draco. Buttons were too difficult. And he tore off Draco’s shirt, while the latter’s hands undid his pants.

Harry’s mouth found Draco’s neck, that beautiful patch of skin. And he marked it. He marked every bit of Draco’s body he could find. And he worshipped the body, kissing it and nibbling afterwards all around, while his hands kept moving constantly, unable to choose a favorite spot after being so long denied.

But his pants felt like they would break under the pressure, and his hands were failing at messing with the damn buttons. But Draco was there to help him, and oh, slide his hands along it, and that felt so damn good. It had been far too long, far too long since those slender hands worked their wonders on him. Oh bloody hell, it was bliss.

Except it was not quite. No, bliss was in Draco, bliss was being with him and seeing Draco arch his back and not care about the rug burn developed along the way. And there had been no lube in the room, and they preferred traditional lube to spells, but there was no time. Harry needed it, needed to get in. Thankfully Draco was still in enough of a state to be able to correctly perform the spell, and Harry pushed in, in. And oh, that was it. And he pulled out and pushed in again and again and again and faster and harder and he was shouting, actually shouting, and Draco’s voice mingled with his, and a hand slipped between them to grab Draco, and that felt remarkable too. And that drove Draco’s back harder and harder into the ground, but they loved it.

Harry bit Draco’s neck and shoulders, and Draco scratched his back almost to the point of blood, and his legs pulled Harry in, pulled him in and squeezed, and Harry hit that spot, and Draco was shouting and digging all of him into Harry’s body, and it was too much to resist, and Harry came, came harder than he had before because he wanted it so badly. And he collapsed atop Draco, letting the creamy liquid thicken. He did not care. He could not move.

His breathing took minutes to calm down, and neither one said anything as they slowly floated back to the regular world. Draco’s hair lightly brushed Harry’s face, and his glasses were bent askew on the floor a few inches away. But it was so beautiful and amazing. And hot. So hot.

“Almost makes it seem worth it not to have sex daily, huh?” Draco asked, his chest heaving.

Harry shook his head, “No, it doesn’t quite do it. But I’m sure we’ll have missions where we can’t have sex. Not on the job. So there’s no need to choose to go without sex. It’ll happen on its own.”

“You are so addicted,” Draco laughed gleefully.

“No,” Harry defended himself, “just no reason to go without.”

“You couldn’t operate without it,” Draco happily pointed out.

Harry grumbled into the carpet.

“What was that, dear? You need me more than anything else in the big wide world? Ah, thank you,” Draco laughed.

“Can I wait until after exams?” Harry asked, “to tell them. I don’t want Ron to be in such a huff that he blows them.”

“Fine, for Weasley’s sake,” Draco rolled his eyes.

“If he knows about us, you have to call him Ron.”


“Because he’ll have to call you Draco.”

“Fine,” Draco consented, “but only once he starts.”

“He is not going to be happy about this…”


“He’s the straightest man I know,” Harry commented, “Is gay an acceptable thing in the wizarding world? Dumbledore had talk, but then he fell for Grindelwald. So it could have been for the evil dark lord thing.”

“As long as you’re pureblooded it’s fine,” Draco shrugged, “though mother will be very disappointed not to have grandchildren to spoil.”

Harry laughed, “As long as she doesn’t try to split us up over it.”

“Seriously, Harry?” Draco asked, “Like she would ever do that. First of all, she’d never deny me anything. And secondly, you’re the hero of the Wizarding World. Who better could I ever be with socially speaking?”

“Mm, true,” Harry laughed, “glad to know her opinion is actually based on who I am.”

“Well, for you to fit my standards, you clearly have to be good,” Draco pointed out.

Harry laughed, “Thanks.”

“Okay, but we do need to clean up and actually get some studying done tonight, Harry,” Draco insisted.

“What? But, oh come on, one night isn’t going to kill us!”

“We have a week, a week! And I need to beat Michael. He’s better at acting out his disguises, even if I can transfigure myself into better ones,” Draco complained.

“Merlin, how anyone in school thought you were cool, I have no idea,” Harry shook his head as he got up.

“Tons of money, great wit, good looks, Quidditch star…” Draco began listing.

“Biggest bookworm Slytherin has ever known,” Harry added.

“And also dating the most eligible former bachelor around,” Draco commented with a smile.

“Dating the most…what!” Ginny shouted as she yet again made a scene in the Grimmauld kitchen. “You chose that spoiled bastard over me?!”

“No, Gin,” Harry tried to point out, “you dumped me. It was months until he and I began dating.”

“I dumped you because you chose him over me! Clearly you wanted to get in his pants the entire time! I cannot believe this, Harry. I can’t believe I began speaking to you again! You are such a bastard, a rotten, selfish little bastard!” she shouted and Floo-ed out, thankfully without hexing anyone.

Harry’s attention went to the oddly silent Ron sitting next to a smirking Hermione. “You’re not following your sister?” Harry asked.

“Well, I doubt she’ll listen to me,” Ron said.

“You’re okay with it!” Harry was in shock.

“Well, not at first. But Hermione figured it out a month and a half ago. I refused to believe her at first. I said you’d never fall for that slimy bastard. But, um, at dinner a few weeks ago, you guys brushed hands passing the salad, and it looked like a regular thing, not an oops thing. It didn’t bug you guys. And so I, yeah…” Ron trailed off.

“I am so glad that was not about the broomstick,” Draco muttered.

“Then what?” Harry asked.

“Well, I was pissed off. I couldn’t see why you’d like him at all. But you weren’t looking very happy the next few days, so I thought you knew I knew and had a fight or whatever. Or something, I’m not a witch. And then I was sort of hoping you’d break up, but you made up, and Hermione’s been working on me since she figured it out. We fought. But she was right. And um, yeah,” Ron’s ears went red, “and I do not want to hear about your sex life, Harry. Just, two blokes, I’d rather not know.”

“You’ve never wanted to know,” Harry laughed.

“She was my sister!” Ron exclaimed.

“Fair enough,” Harry nodded.

Luna was simply smiling, “You really suit each other. I’m happy for you.”

Neville shrugged, “You’ve already convinced me he’s a decent fellow. I think you could do better, but if he’s the one you fell for, there’s not much I can say.”

“I’m a good boyfriend!” Draco interjected, jesting slightly.

“You always like them hotheaded,” Neville shook his head, “I’ll give you that. I think you’re more suited to someone calmer, just to balance you out. But you’ve never gone for it.”

“Harry,” Ron interrupted, “you realize that other than Cedric Diggory, you’ve dated all the seekers? Ginny was a seeker for a while. And Cho was a seeker. And Draco…”

The whole table burst up laughing. “So I guess I have a type,” Harry laughed.

Draco raised an eyebrow, “Yes. Me.”

“A round of drinks?” Hermione asked. “In celebration?”


“Firewhiskey!” “Of course!”

“So how long have you two been hiding this from us?” Ron asked after the third round of Firewhiskey.

“Almost six months?” Harry ventured to guess.

“And you better not forget our anniversary,” Draco nudged him, and they almost fell over together. Everyone smiled, and Ron called for another round. Almost everyone had accepted them. And they were officially together, and their friends knew. And by the looks of it, everyone would spend the night.


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