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Aug. 23rd, 2008 11:21 pm
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Title: Let Go
Author: Silyara ([livejournal.com profile] silyara/[livejournal.com profile] trivalent)
Pairings: Áina/Hugo
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Talk about sex
Summary: Áina and Hugo have issues, and Ciarán tries to help.
Notes: Áina and Ciarán are Helga Hufflepuff's children. Hugo is Hugo Weasley. This fic is written based off of [livejournal.com profile] lumos_founders canon. Written to follow this fic. Also, rough draft - has not been edited. Concrit welcomed.

A very weak lynx patronus found Ciarán walking towards the Hufflepuff common room and spit out angry words, though as they were in Gaelic no one else could understand. It left him no choice, when Áina spoke like that. The boy sighed, ducking into his room only to change clothes, pull a Hogwarts uniform over it, and grab his staff. He would meet her where they always met to train.

She stood in traditional garb in an aggressive stance, barely waiting for him to remove the outer clothing before pushing him to the edge of the clearing with the fierce attacks. She had the edgier style, but this vein of magic was something else. But it ran over Ciarán like water, as he stayed calm, not speaking to her to end the duel, not even when he sent her flying onto her arse three consecutive times. Sweat dripped down her face as he pushed a steady attack against her emotionally unready form. Once every wild attack she threw at him in defense failed, Áina yielded.

Ciarán crouched on the ground, hardly breaking an even breathing rhythm. But he didn’t say anything.

Áina frowned and paced the clearing, facing away from him toward the trees. “Hugo attacked Sirius today,” she said coolly.

“Did you sleep with him?” Ciarán asked, though he knew the answer. Hugo had developed a pattern.

“Hugo said it was okay,” Áina whirled around, glaring.

“He clearly doesn’t actually think so,” Ciarán stood, shrugging.

“But I asked him,” Áina groaned, “and I waited for him. I could have slept with many guys or girls before he finally agreed to it. And I waited for him.”

“Did you explain the magic to him?” Ciarán asked.

“I shouldn’t have to explain myself to him,” his sister retorted.

“He’s still not a sorcerer,” Ciarán pointed out calmly, “but you two have had this argument for months now.”

“He made love to someone else,” Áina stated.

“Are you sure it wasn’t sex?” Ciarán knew the difference.

“Hugo doesn’t have sex,” Áina sighed, “that’s the problem, the point. But he was with someone else.”

“Maybe he was lying,” he suggested.

“I taught him how to do that – ”

“But you were upset at the time,” Ciarán interjected, “Did he actually say it?”

“No…” Áina sounded hesitant. She sighed, “But he had a time to say what he thought, and he said it was okay. He can’t just take it back! He can’t just…attack every person I ever sleep with!”

Ciarán just let the words run off of him. He was her brother, and even if he disliked what she was doing, he would never try to take away her freedom like that. Áina pulled her school clothes back on, and the sorcerer noticed a couple of the buttons were ripped. “Did Hugo do that?” he asked, curious.

“To mock me,” Áina replied with cool anger before she stormed back off toward the castle.

That was interesting, very interesting. But where was Hugo Weasley?

Ciarán found him after classes, careful to quietly give him a look that just meant to follow and slip into an empty classroom. But Hugo didn’t even give him a greeting, apparently choosing to go the utterly silent route. Well, Ciarán had been dealing with his sister for thirteen years; he could deal with Hugo.

“My sister loves you,” Ciarán stated, “and you love her. But you are very different people. You want her for your own because you believe sex is sacred; it’s special. In Gaelic we have two terms: to have sex and to make love. They are more than intent – they are magically different. And she makes love to you but only has sex with everyone else.”

Ciarán sighed. He really preferred not to have to actively think about Áina’s sex life, but the two of them loved each other, and Ciarán didn’t want Hugo to accidentally ruin it. “That doesn’t mean you like it any better,” Ciarán continued, as the Slytherin seemed content on staring him down, “but Áina is going to do it regardless. If you try to hold her back or restrain her, it will only push her farther away from you. But on the other hand, if you don’t intervene, she will come back to you. You have to let her go to keep her.”

He sighed, only being stared at even more. Ciarán left the room, walking down the hall toward his common room. “We all have to,” he said to himself.


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