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Jan. 2nd, 2011 11:24 am
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So, any of you who don't have a niffler can get one if you get 50 25 of a niffler-found item (aka bought via auctions). Well, I have lots of extras of things, but I don't like to auction without knowing at least someone is interested. I set reserves at 5 knuts because that's how much they cost me (2 to send out niffler, 3 to auction), so if you're interested in anything here or a set of them, lemme know:

7 converse shoes
3 bolts
6 chipped teacups
5 cracked mirrors
1 feather
1 knut
5 sock #11
3 sock #12
1 sock #13
1 sock #14
2 sock #15
2 sock #9
5 earrings
4 tent stakes
6 ugly ties
2 anti-cheating quills
5 bits of armor
1 broken chain
3 broken pocketwatches
2 broken umbrellas
1 set of bloodstained playing cards
3 sock #1
3 sock #2
1 sock #3
1 sock #4
2 sock #5
3 sock #6
1 sock #7
3 sock #8
3 old newspapers
2 quick notes quills
6 rainboots
1 rubber tire
3 sock #19
5 sock #20
2 sock #21

1 invisibility cloak
1 remembrall
1 secrecy sensor
1 standard book of spells vol. i
1 standard book of spells vol. vi
1 voyages with vampires
1 numberology and gramatica
1 common magical ailments and afflictions
1 curses and countercurses
1 defensive magical theory
1 ancient runes made easy
1 sonnets of a sorcerer
1 sites of historical sorcery
1 broken balls: when fortunes turn foul
1 quidditch teams of britain and ireland
1 theories of transubstantial transfiguration
1 crystallized pineapple
1 wizarding chess set
1 trunk

They'll go up for auction for one week, and I'll let you know they're up. =D =D =D Feel free to refer any niffler wanting friends here.

Last updated 4 January 2011.
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If you are not at HiH, feel free to ignore this post (or to read it, get interested and apply here).

Essentially, I have a lot of niffler items that I am neutral toward having because they are duplicates. I am perfectly fine auctioning them, as long as I know someone will bid, so I do not waste knuts. If you look at my hidden items and see anything you want (note, it shows all the books, so I am only willing to sell duplicates, and I still want the canary creams/fireworks) and are willing to pay at least 5 knuts for, comment here. I will put it up for auction for 48 hours, so that anyone else has a reasonable chance of seeing the auction. And...tada.

-Silyara, Diagon Mod
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