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Title: From Another Beginning's End
Author: Silyara ([ profile] silyara/[ profile] trivalent)
Pairings: Remus/Sirius
Rating: PG/PG-13
Word Count: Around 4000
Warnings: Violence, slight swearing, kissing
Summary: The latter part of OotP, Founders style.
Notes: [ profile] lumos_founders is an RP with a time warp where everyone is at Hogwarts at the same time, in the same year. This is their fifth year, and those differences change what happens. Because it is paralleling the book, I have at times borrowed dialog from the scenes. Those words belong to JKR. The rest are mine. This story is a rough draft, and concrit is very welcome.

“There is no sex,” Sirius spoke slowly in pained tones to James under a tree near the lake, “Four months and no sex. I’m going to…I don’t know, lose my sanity.”

James would have laughed except that he actually seemed sincere. “It’s not like I’ve been laid in the last four months,” James pointed out.

Prongs,” Sirius whined, “this is me. I…I need sex.”

“I warned you,” Prongs rolled his eyes.

“Damn you,” Sirius swore.

Harry came half-running, half-walking over toward them in a most awkward way. They stopped talking to observe. “YOU’RE IN DANGER, SIRIUS! OLDER YOU! VOLDEMORT IS TORTURING YOU!” It was a miracle no one else heard, thank Merlin for OWLs.

“Sounds like Voldy’s idea of a good time,” Sirius laughed.

Hermione came up not very far behind – though she had left the exam even earlier than Padfoot and Prongs. “You haven’t been practicing occlumency, Harry,” she lectured, “You don’t know if it’s real.”

“I saw it,” Harry protested, “as clear as I saw Ron’s dad. Sirius is going to DIE, and I’m not going to let it happen!”

“People have said that before mate,” Sirius chuckled.

Harry glared, “I already lost Dad and Mum. I’m not losing you TOO!”

The boy had healthy lungs. “Quite a son you have, James,” Sirius grinned.

“At least confirm it,” Hermione sighed.

“I SAW SIRIUS! IT WAS REAL – ” Harry was yelling again.

“So Umbridge’s office again?” Sirius smirked, “I like this.”

“We could use a few more people,” James noted, “Diversion, look outs, getting in.”

“I have Sirius’s knife,” Harry commented.

“Too much yapping,” Sirius remarked, “Lets find our people and get in that ugly toad’s office.”

Remus, Ron, Ginny, Neville, Luna, and the Prewett brothers were all out of the exam, but Peter was still only halfway through. Sirius pushed to go on without him. Time was of the essence.

“Sirius, you should come into the office with us,” Hermione insisted.

Sirius pouted, “But diversions are fun!”

“You’re Kreacher’s master,” she pointed out, “he can’t lie to you.”

“Bloody house elf,” Sirius moaned, “Have fun Prongs, Moony. Give her a good run.”

“Good luck,” Hermione didn’t look the most pleased as she gave looks to all the lookouts.

The trio snuck up close to Umbridge’s office and waited. A couple moments later, they heard a loud explosion. The ugly toad ran from her office past them toward the ruckus. Sirius snickered.

Harry pulled out Sirius’s knife and turned the lock. The door opened quietly. Sirius hadn’t seen the ridiculous pink interior before, and Harry hadn’t warned him. “Oh Circe,” he groaned, “she’s twisted.”

“Ssh,” Hermione ordered. “Harry, you try first.” Sirius rolled his eyes. “It’s 1996 there,” she pointed out.

“Number twelve Grimmauld Place,” Harry called out, sticking his head in the fire. Sirius leaned against the very pink wall and tapped his foot impatiently. This part was boring. It would have been much more fun to be out exploding things.

Harry’s head almost seemed to come off of its neck with how fast he pulled it out of the fire. “Sirius, they have you,” he said furiously, “We HAVE to go SAVE YOU!”

“Wait a moment,” Hermione cut him off, “Sirius, go talk with Kreacher. See if it’s true.”

“You’re bossy,” Sirius rolled his eyes but did it anyway. He was better at using the floo for this, but it was strange to stick his head out into 1996.

“Kreacher!” he barked. “Answer me!”

The house elf stepped before him, as ugly as in Sirius’s time. “Yes master?” Kreacher gave a mocking bow.

“Where is the older Sirius?” he demanded.

“Sirius is in the fireplace, Master,” Kreacher replied, “Master can only be in one place.”

Sirius growled, “Where is he?!”

“Out,” Kreacher smiled, “Master is not here.”

“Fucking A,” Sirius swore. He heard noise. “Did someone just enter the house?”

“No master,” Kreacher gave another obnoxious bow.

“Fuck you. Go punish yourself. Bye,” Sirius ordered and pulled his head out of the fire. And it was just in time to see Umbridge march in with James, Remus, the Prewetts, Ron, Neville, Ginny, and Luna – all with wands pointed at them by her slimy minions. There were some free ones pointing their wands at the three of them in the office.

“One false move, and they get hurt,” the toad threatened.

Sirius looked over at Remus, barely willing to lower his wand as an all too happy looking Snape pointed his wand at Sirius’s throat. Padfoot glared at Snivellus. The slimy haired boy whispered quietly, “I’ve made a new hex, just for you. One false move, and I have permission to use it.”

Umbridge’s beady eyes passed around the large group. “You were all in Dumbledore’s Army, each and every one of you. He may be gone, but I do not doubt you are all up to something, that he’s up to something. Now, tell me.”

No one said a thing. After a few moments, Umbridge pulled out her wand. “Very well… I am left with no alternative… this is more than a matter of school discipline… this is an issue of Ministry security… yes… yes…” Her weight shifted from foot to foot.

“The Cruciatus Curse ought to loosen your tongue,” Umbridge said quietly.

“No!” shrieked Hermone, “Propfessore Umbridge – it’s illegal.”

But Umbridge took no notice. There was a nasty, eager, excited look on her face that Sirius had never seen before. She raised her wand.

“The minister wouldn’t want you to break the law, Professor Umbridge!” cried Hermione.

“What Cornelius doesn’t know won’t hurt him,” said Umbridge, who was now panting slightly as she pointed her wand at different parts of Harry’s body in turn, apparently trying to decide where it would hurt most. Sirius pushed forward, but Snape held him in place. “He never knew I ordered Dementors to go after Potter last summer, but he was delighted to be given the chance to expel him all the same.”

“It was you,” gasped Harry.

“Someone had to act,” Umbridge said as her wand pointed directly at Harry’s forehead. “But you wriggled out of that one. Not today though, not now. Cruc – “

“NO!” Hermione shouted from behind Millicent Bulstrode. “We have to tell her!”

“No way!” Harry shouted.

Umbridge turned her beady eyes on Hermione, and Sirius tried to shout as well, though his was just in play. She was far too clever a witch to really be giving it up. And she was almost as resourceful as the Marauders…The toad turned her eye to Hermione, sitting her down in a chair even uglier than those in Grimmauld.

“Little Miss Question-all is going to give us some answers. Come on then, girl, come on!” Umbridge said, looking very pleased.

Hermione wasn’t crying, not with tears, even as she sobbed. Smart witch she was. “I’m I’m sorry everyone,” she sobbed, “But – I can’t stand it – “ Most of them were staring at her in complete shock.

Umbridge leaned over her, “Now then, with whom were Potter and Black comminucating with just now?”

“Well,” gulped Hermione, “well, they were trying to speak with Professor Dumbledore.”

Sirius watched as Harry’s friends all looked surprised. James’s expression didn’t change, and Remus looked up at Sirius in the eye. They tried not to smirk.

“Dumbledore?” Umbridge asked eagerly, “You know where Dumbledore is, then?”

“Well…no!” sobbed Hermione, “We tried the Leaky Cauldron, the Three Broomsticks, even the Hog’s Head – ”

“Idiot girl! Dumbledore won’t be sitting in a pub when the whole Ministry’s looking for him,” Umbridge looked disappointed.

“But – but we needed to tell him something really important!” Hermione wailed, keeping her face covered.

The excitement surged back into the old toad’s face, “What was it you wanted to tell him?”

“It’s, it’s – ready!” choked Hermione.

“What’s ready?” Umbridge grabbed Hermione’s shoulder and shook her hard, “What’s ready, girl?”

“The…the weapon,” Hermione confessed.

Umbridge’s eyes popped open, “A method of resistance? What kind of weapon? And all on Professor Dumbledore’s orders…”

“He left before it was finished,” she sobbed, “and we c – c – can’t find him to…to tell him!”

“What kind of weapon?” Umbridge demanded.

“We don’t understand it,” Hermione sniffed loudly, “We j – just were following orders.”

“Lead me to the weapon,” Umbridge demanded.

“I’m not showing…them,” said Hermione shrilly, looking at the Slytherins.

“You can’t dictate terms, girl,” said the toad harshly.

Sirius laughed, and she looked over. “What?” Umbridge demanded.

“Oh please, show them,” Sirius snickered, “bring the entire bloody school. Then they’ll all see it, and they’ll all know how to use it, and you’ll never get away with annoying any of us ever again.”

Umbridge looked around the room, where Malfoy, Snape, and a few others were too slow at removing the greedy looks on their faces. She looked at Hermione. “Then it’ll be just you and me… and we’ll take Potter too, shall we? Get up, now.”

The three of them left, and the others in the room stood there looking bored for a few minutes. Millicent sighed and made to leave. “The mudblood’s wand, Bulstrode,” Malfoy demanded. The ugly broad looked at Pansy, who nodded. She handed it over clumsily and left. Malfoy sat in Umbridge’s chair and put his feet on her desk. Snape began glaring at the boy as much as Sirius.

James gave Sirius a nod. They both pushed their captors down, grabbed their wands and began hexing. The others followed suit. Remus got a black eye, but Ginny gave Pansy and Draco mean bat bogey hexes. And in short time, all the Slytherins were on the floor unconscious.

Sirius looked over at Ron, “Where do you think Hermione’s taken the toad?”

“I’m not bloody sure,” Ron replied, “only thing I can think of is Grawp.”

“Grawp?” Remus asked.

“Hagrid’s brother,” the redhead explained. The five marauders smiled.

“Prongs, can you send the Order a message?” Sirius suggested, “I’m not sure mine’s as believable if I’m held captive. It could be forced.”

“And I’m dead,” James said pleasantly, “No matter.” He performed the patronus charm, and a stag ran off, jumping out the window.

“Ready to catch up with them?” Gideon suggested.

“Lets go!” Sirius shouted.

“Quietly,” Remus added, always the logical one.

Sirius kissed him right on the mouth in front of the others. Moony blushed, and James coughed. “Alright, romancing after?” Sirius asked, taking Remus’s hand as he, quietly, bound down the stairs. They went mostly single file, flitting from corner to corner, always on the alert. A majority of the Inquisitorial Squad was unconscious, but there were others.

Breathing a sigh of relief as they went out the front doors, Sirius laughed lightly as he began running across the lawn toward the forest. Remus shook his head, but Sirius pointed out toward the edge. “Look,” he chuckled, “right near Hagrid’s place.”

“Two figures?” Remus was squinting.

“Looks like it,” Sirius laughed, “they got the old toad! The hag is gone!”

“How?” Remus asked as they came within hearing distance.

Hermione looked a bit pleased, “Centaurs took care of her. And Grawp helped us.”

“What about you guys?” Harry asked.

“We’re Marauders, Harry,” Sirius chuckled, “and you’re friends aren’t half-bad. Ginny has a mean bat bogey hex. She got Malfoy.”

“What’d you guys find out from the fire?” Ron asked, “Does You-Know-Who have Sirius, older Sirius?” There had to be that qualification.

“Yes,” Harry said, “And I’m sure he’s alive. I’m just not sure how we can get there.”

“We’ll have to fly,” Luna said, actually sounding like she was on the same planet.

“OK,” Harry looked at her, “First of all, ‘we’ aren’t doing – ”

“We’re coming with,” Ginny stated.

“No you’re not!” Ron yelled.

“We were in the DA,” said Neville quietly.

“And we all bloody want to,” Sirius said loudly.

“Was it just a game?” Neville asked.

“No – of course not,” Harry replied, impatiently

“We’re coming with you,” Neville said.

Sirius looked around at the rather large crowd, “Can’t get rid of us Harry.”

“That doesn’t matter,” said Harry through gritted teeth, “Because we still don’t know how – ”

“I thought we established that,” said Luna, “We’re flying!”

“Not all of us can sprout wings,” Ron spoke angrily.

“There are other ways of flying besides broomsticks,” said Luna serenely.

“Oh, I suppose we’ll fly there on the back of a Kacky Snorgle or whatever it is?” Ron asked.

“The Crumple-Horned Snorcack can’t fly,” said Luna in a dignified voice, “but they can.”

They all whipped around, and Sirius saw the thestrals so few students had been able to see. Fancy that, family violence came in handy.

Ron was staring in the wrong direction. “It’s those horses things, one’s you can’t see unless you’ve seen someone snuff it?”

“Yes,” Sirius replied, “Now there are two here and eleven of us. We can double up, so we need six.”

“You can come only if we find more,” Harry said.

“Oh I think they’ll come,” said Ginny staring in the wrong direction.

“Why?” Harry asked.

“You and Hermione have blood on you,” she observed, and it was true. The thestral closest to Harry had begun licking his sleeve.

“Yes,” Harry said, “Ron and I, and…James and Sirius will go ahead. Hermione can stay and attract more of them.”

“I won’t be left behind!” Hermione said furiously.

“I don’t think that will be necessary,” Luna said quietly. And indeed no fewer than six or seven thestrals were picking their way through the trees, their leathery wings close to their body.

“Alright,” Harry gave in, “pair up, and pick one and go!”

Sirius grabbed Remus’s hand and helped him onto the animal he couldn’t see.

“How are we supposed to get on?” Ron asked, “We can’t see it.”

“Oh it’s easy,” said Luna obligingly, as she slid over from her and Neville’s thestral. She helped Ron and Hermione on theirs. The first had to grip the mane tightly, while the second sat squished up close against the first. She went around helping everyone who needed it.

“This is mad,” Ron said, moving his free hand across his thestral’s neck, “if I could just see it – ”

“You better hope it stays invisible,” said Harry darkly.

James had his own thestral and leaned over it, petting it. “Ministry of Magic, visitors entrance, London,” he said confidently.

Each thestral swooped off quickly into the air. Sirius clutched to the mane, as he resisted the pull to slide backwards, which could push Remus off the rump. Moony in turn was holding tightly around his waist. Sirius tried not to think about how good it felt to have Remus so close. Flying to London to save his older self was no time to get thinking about sex.

As Hogsmeade, the mountains, Scotland, and more fell before them, Sirius kept focused on Voldemort. It felt weird. He was probably being tortured at that very instant, and he was in 1996 because he could see the others, and that’s the time Hogwarts had been in. But he couldn’t feel the pain at all. It would be strange to see another version of him, but he could cope with it, or perhaps he could just stay away from himself.

“Moony,” he whispered, “I don’t want to be seen by me. Can you look out for me, the older me? And if you get there, I’ll stay with the older you, alright?”

Remus leaned his head against Sirius’s shoulder. “Alright,” he agreed, “just remember to keep yourself safe or it won’t matter if I keep the older you safe.”

The rest of the night just passed quickly for Sirius, as dawn cracked and the thestral swooped downward. He felt Remus pressed tight against him. Not time to think about sex. It had been so long, but no, not now.

They landed softly on the pavement next to a muggle telephone booth. Remus dismounted first, then Sirius after him. Pads hugged Moony again, trying to make him feel a bit better. He looked rather glad to be on solid ground. As did the others.

“Where do we go from here then?” Luna asked Harry in a politely interested voice.

“Over here,” Harry motioned to the telephone booth.

“How are we supposed to fit in there?” Ron asked, eyeing their large numbers.

“It’s tall,” Sirius commented, “get on each other’s shoulders.” He smirked at Remus, but the other boy went along with it. Luna quietly got on Neville’s shoulders. Hermione sighed as she got onto Ron’s. Ginny didn’t blush when she got on Harry’s. And Fabian got on Gideon’s.

They stepped one after another through the door. It was very tight quarters, and Sirius felt himself squished against Harry, James, and Neville at least. There were the others.

“Whoever’s nearest to the receiver dial six two four four two!” Harry said.

Ron’s arm stuck out in a twisted angle to reach the dial, but as it whirred back into place a calm female voice filled the box.

“Welcome to the Ministry of Magic. Please state your name and business.”

“Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Neville Longbottom, Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, Fabian Prewett, and Gideon Prewett. We’re here to save someone, unless you can do it first.,” Harry said very quickly.

“Thank you,” said the cool voice, “Visitors, please take the badges and attach them to the front of your robes.”

Badges came out of a chute next to Sirius. And he grabbed them, finding his and Remus’s and passing them on. Sirius Black, Rescue Mission. He liked it.

“Visitors to the Ministry, you are required to submit to a search and present your wands for registration at the security desk, which is located at the far end of the atrium.”

“Fine,” James said loudly, “Now can we move?”

The telephone box shuddered and the pavement rode up, taking the scavenging thestrals out of sight. They stumbled out, the ones on shoulders getting down as they all went for the lifts. They knew where they were going. When the lift halted, the same female voice said, “Department of Mysteries.”

There was a black door. “Perhaps some people should stay here, as lookouts,” Harry tried to suggest.

“We’re coming with you, Harry,” Neville said.

“Enough waiting,” Sirius rolled his eyes, opening the door, which led to a large, circular room. They all stepped in. When the door shut, the room began spinning, leaving Sirius almost dizzy.

“What was that about?” whispered Ron fearfully.

“I think it wanted to stop us knowing which door we came in through,” said Ginny in a hushed voice.

“How are we going to get back out?” said Neville uncomfortably.

“Doesn’t matter now,” said Harry forcefully, “we won’t need to until we find Sirius – ”

“Don’t call out for him though,” Hermione said urgently.

“Where do we go then, Harry?” Fabian asked.

Harry swallowed, “In the dreams after I got to this room, I opened another door into a room that kind of…glitters. I know the right way when I see it.”

“Room will spin again,” Remus said, “if we go down the wrong door.”

“And there are a lot of doors,” Sirius commented.

“Lets mark the door we go through,” Gideon suggested.

“We’re a large group,” Sirius looked around, “Lets split into two, each of us mark our doors, and we’ll find it and me and kick some annoying evil ass.”

Harry looked nervous.

“Prongs, Fideon, Moony, and I,” Sirius said, “and you take your people. You can use a patronus to send a message if you need to.”

“Agreed,” said James.

The Marauders marked a door with a fiery x then opened it and went through. The room was large, dim, and rectangular. There was a stone pit some twenty feet deep in the center. It looked like an amphitheater, but in the center was a raised dias with a stone arch. A thin black curtain waved in the middle of it.

“Don’t let me ever get near that dangerous thing,” Sirius joked loudly. They all knew that was how he supposedly died. But they explored the chamber anyway, looking for another door, something that sparkled. Around and down the steps he went, Remus at his side, but they didn’t find anything.

“Back to the other doors,” Gideon called out.

They went back up to see two more x’s besides their own whirl about them. The room spun and spun, and Sirius closed his eyes for it. The sight was dizzying with the fire. When they opened, James was trying to open a door, but it wouldn’t budge. When Sirius brought out his knife, he saw a knife already melted into the lock. “Harry could have marked it for us,” Sirius laughed.

Another door opened, and he raised his wand. But it wasn’t Harry or Death Eaters. Moody? Grown up Tonks? “Oh, hi you,” James greeted them, “Nice of you to show up.”

“Sirius,” Tonks looked surprise, “It’s a trap. You’re just a few people back, coming with Remus and Dumbledore.”

“Harry!” Sirius shouted, ripping open one of the doors with a fiery x upon it. A beautiful dancing, diamond-sparkling light came through the door. “This is the room he described!” Sirius rushed on it. he rushed toward the bell jar that provided the light, finding a door behind it. He pulled it open.

Sirius wasn’t sure what the place had looked like before, but there was broken glass everywhere. From the large shards, it looked like orbs. Shouts came to him as he saw Harry come into view, running toward him. Sirius ran in just the opposite direction, looking to find any Death Eater to attack.

A much older Lucius Malfoy than he was used to seeing came into view. Sirius began cursing, hex after hex. Most of them simply hit more shelves, causing more explosions. Small figures rose out of them and spoke prophecies he didn’t give a damn about. Everyone else fell behind him, and Malfoy pushed on as Sirius danced around.

But there was a minor issue. This Lucius Malfoy was well past thirty and skilled just like that. Sirius was skilled for a fifteen year old certainly, but it wasn’t the same. He fell back into the room before, paying just enough attention to those around him so as not to get hit by curses running awry.

He heard his laughter coming from somewhere else and Bella’s. There were shouts as well. But more order members were arriving. He ducked a killing curse and began shouting it back at Malfoy, wanting him dead. But he was trapped in a corner. He dashed into the circular room, Malfoy on his heels, but there was nowhere to hide.

“STUPEFY!” came out from nowhere, and the blonde crumpled there. Sirius looked up at the voice he had recognized, but it came from a much older Remus.

“Moony!” he shouted, giving the older man a happy kiss on the lips before rushing down another open door. This one led back to the room he had first found. He passed Harry and Neville on the steps, focused more on the older version of himself dueling dangerously with Bella. It was odd to see himself. He had known there was an older him, and he had seen older Remus, but this was different.

His eyes went wide as he saw himself falling backwards toward the curtain. That was how he died. That was how Albus Severus had said he died! “NOOOOO!” Sirius shouted. But just then, Moony came from nowhere and knocked him aside.

Bella moved to curse again, but Padfoot ran down the steps. “AVADA KEDAVRA, you bitch,” he yelled, and her attention turned to the younger Sirius. She cackled.

“AVADA KEDAVRA, little cousin,” she laughed, and they began dueling again. But somehow Dumbledore had arrived. And Bella noticed she was one of a handful of free death eaters. She vanished. Sirius shouted.

He felt someone help him sit down. His arm was bleeding. Funny; he hadn’t noticed that. It must have been from Lucius. Leaning his head to the side of the person helping him, he saw his Remus again. “Mm, Moony,” he said, “thank you for that.”

“I couldn’t let you die,” Remus replied softly.

“I’m going to kill Bellatrix,” Sirius declared, “first thing. Soon as we get back.”

“First thing?” Remus asked, a curious note in his tone.

Sirius grinned, “You mean…”

Remus blushed.

Sirius kissed him full on the lips.

Date: 2008-09-15 09:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
i seem to remember us writing some remus/sirius.... did that ever make fic form? oh and this? very amusing... lol

Date: 2008-09-15 02:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I began making that fic form, but it wasn't really the fic I was trying to write here, so for this one I just focused on these events. But go Remus's (plural) here!

Date: 2008-09-21 09:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

I can't believe I almost forgot about this until just now. My memory is like a sieve. D:

But that aside, I loved it. It's insane and chaotic and very Founders, and I love the concept of younger Sirius watching his older self die. That's the kind of crazy thing that happens in Founders verse, after all.

Not to mention that Remus and Sirius are ADORABLE, especially at the end. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOOOUUUU :D :D :D :D :D *mems it*

Also, this part:
“OK,” Harry looked at her, “First of all, ‘we’ aren’t doing – ”

“We’re coming with,” Ginny stated.

“No you’re not!” Ron yelled.

“We were in the DA,” said Neville quietly.

“And we all bloody want to,” Sirius said loudly.

I think that's my favorite line of Sirius'. He's so belligerent. XDD

Date: 2008-09-21 10:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hee. Thanks. I actually left the dying bit vague. That way the romantic in me can say he lives while it's still compliant about his death to those who want it. >.>

And lols, yay to that line.


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